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Our members inspire, inform, and educate one another.

Our members connect others to our creative God through communications and public relations. We inspire, inform, and educate one another.

An exciting new ministry dedicated to pairing older and younger members together and better the other professionally.

In-office equipping>

A morning devoted to professional development, right from your office. Join us Sept. 13 on Facebook Live to hear power-packed presentations.

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BCA is launching a new one-day workshop designed to equip church leaders with communications strategies and ideas. It’s one day with eternal possibilities.

by Jim Veneman | Posted on May 30

Who has invested in your life? Whose life have you invested in? In BCA, we want to build one another up in the Christian faith and in our callings as communicators. Read more about a new mentoring initiative BCA is launching.

by Doug Rogers | Posted on May 30

Our members range from college graduates to those in the fourth decade of their careers: we have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, along with a good dose of wisdom and experience! BCA members can make the most of who we are today as we move together into who God wants us to be tomorrow.

by Mike Ebert | Posted on May 30